Valentine’s day

I was invited to a valentine’s day pot luck dinner this year, and obviously wanted to challenge myself and make something new for the party. I always want to try new things, while Brett encourages me to perfect the recipes I’m already good at. I didn’t listen to him. I also didn’t really listen to the rules or theme of the party (sorry). It was Mexican themed and we had a guac-off. All the guacamole was great, Charlie was my vote for first place.

Anyways, back to the dessert. I’m obsessed with Bakerella’s blog.  I’m impressed with everything she makes, but am always too scared to try any of it. The cake that I loved the most on her site, was too scary and time consuming so I didn’t even attempt it. Maybe next year….Check it out though!! the entire thing is cake, the chocolates are cake balls, the box of chocolates is red velvet cake. SO CUTE. really intimidating though.

I tried to be a little more realistic about my baking skills and decided to make a fourteen layer cake for the fourteenth. Bakerella suggested using fourteen aluminum foil pans instead of waiting for the pans I had to cool. I went to the store and bought these in advance. This was my biggest mistake….I bought the wrong size and ended up with a wimpy looking cake 😦

Ok. Here are the steps…in case you want to spend an entire day baking a cake.  I should have been doing work that day. And I should be reading now instead of posting this. This has not been the most motivated year for me…I think I used up all my discipline and focus as a 1L…

First, I needed to cut out circles of parchment paper to put in the aluminum foil pans. Bakerella suggested cutting 14 pieces of paper, stapling them, and then cutting out circles. I don’t know how she did this but I freaked out trying. Luckily, Brett and my roommate rescued me from giving up before I even started. They ended up tracing a circle on each piece of parchment paper and cutting each circle individually. thanks you guys!!!

You can find the cake recipe here. I honestly can’t even repost the ingredients that went into this. I’ll just say that….there was A LOT OF BUTTER involved.

First I made the batter, tons of it.  (there was so much that I made a separate two layer cake to keep at home for myself 🙂

After the batter was done, I had to figure out how much of it to put in each of the 14 tins. Bakerella used 8.5 inch pans, I accidentally bought 6.5 inch pans (hence the wimpy sized cake)This is where I had issues. I didn’t want the layers to be thicker than her layers because I felt like it would make the cake too tall, fragile, and difficult to transport. Thank god I have a dorky engineer boyfriend who will figure this stuff out to me. I don’t have the capacity or the patience to do math like this:

We ended up using a little more than 1/4 of a cup for each tin.

I made around 20 layers at the end of this process. Some of the layers broke. Brett and I ate them. and then just made a new layer using that tin. Once I finally got 14 “good” layers…I started to stack them.

After each layer, I spread icing…

This process involves a lot of chocolate dripping. The layers start to look like pancakes with chocolate syrup.

after a lot of anxiety, and chocolate everywhere, finally we had stacked all the layers and iced them all: 

Kinda gross looking right?

This is why the entire thing gets covered with a chocolate butter-cream frosting.

At this point I was defeated and exhausted. I was disappointed in the appearance of the cake. It was smaller than expected and nowhere close to as pretty as Bakerella’s. I was also worried about how the hell I was going to transport this cake from the upper west side to the west village. I happen to be a lucky lady. Brett bought me a fancy cake holder similar to this. A benefit of starting this blog is the baking presents I get. Downside is my jeans don’t fit as well anymore..

The cake ended up making it there in one piece, and to my surprise was a hit.

The cake tasted great, however it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. It was a failure in my book, BUT I promised to write about the things I mess up as well as the things I’m proud of. The bright side is, I got to spend the day baking with my darling Bretty. I was annoyed with the cake all day, however I spent the entire weekend feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet. How many guys will stand in the kitchen and help their girlfriend bake ALL DAY on a Saturday afternoon? not many! So I am publicly saying thank you Brett for all the help with this cake, and everything else you help me with everyday. I love you. Also, I’m not sure you are reading this but thanks for being the hostest with the mostest AGAIN Sarah! Great prizes and candy!


One thought on “Valentine’s day

  1. you give yourself absolutely no credit. that thing is so impressive! the sheer mechanics of making it scare me. & like every other post you put up, it makes me hungryyyyyyyy 🙂 ❤ 100%

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